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Growing pains? Neuro-Scaling unleashes your full potential!

Is your company stuck even though you've tried everything? You've invested in new technologies, optimized your processes, and trained your employees – but growth is still lacking? Then it's time for a new approach: Neuro-Scaling©

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Putting people at the center of digital transformation

Unleash the full potential of your company

Neuro-Scaling is a revolutionary approach that utilizes the latest findings in neuroscience to elevate your business to the next level. We help you discover and harness the hidden potentials in your company – the potentials of your employees.

Through targeted measures, we improve collaboration, boost motivation, foster creativity, and optimize decision-making in your company. We create a culture where your employees feel valued and supported, enabling them to give their best.

Say goodbye to old ways of thinking and entrenched structures. With Neuro-Scaling, you unleash the full potential of your company and achieve sustainable growth.




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Comparison of consulting concepts

plattformX Traditional business consulting Recruitment agency
Focus Sustainable company growth through the development of full employee potential, especially during scaling phases Processes, structures, efficiency Placement of skilled professionals and executives
Goal Scalable business growth and sustainable success through the use of neuroscience insights Optimization of processes and structures Filling open positions
Methods Workshops, trainings, coaching, neuroscience exercises, individual consulting for scaling support Analysis, design, implementation of solutions Creation of job advertisements, candidate selection, job interviews
Expertise Neuroscience, psychology, coaching, organizational development, scaling expertise Industry knowledge, process optimization, strategy development Staffing, recruiting, labor market knowledge
Target audience Executives, teams, entire companies in growth phases Executives, management Companies with staffing needs, job seekers
Benefits Improvement of collaboration, motivation, creativity, decision-making, stress management, adaptability during scaling phases Increase in efficiency, cost reduction, process optimization Rapid filling of open positions, access to qualified candidates
Exemplary measures Feedback rounds, idea box, team-building activities, innovation days, communication training, decision-making workshops to support scaling Introduction of new software, restructuring of departments, development of new business models Creation of job profiles, conducting job interviews, contract negotiations
Success measurement Increase in employee satisfaction, motivation, creativity, productivity, corporate culture, successful scaling Achievement of defined goals (e.g., revenue growth, cost reduction) Successful job placement within a specific timeframe
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Develop your leadership skills based on neuroscience insights. Learn how to optimize your own brain and that of your employees to enhance motivation, creativity, and performance. We assist you in establishing an inspiring and trusting leadership culture.


Enhance collaboration within your teams through targeted measures based on principles of neuroscience. Strengthen trust, promote communication, and optimize decision-making. We help you build high-performance teams that achieve excellence together.


Unleash the creative potential of your employees and foster a culture of innovation. Learn how to leverage neuroscience insights to optimize ideation processes, overcome mental blocks, and develop innovative solutions. We support you in future-proofing your company.


Master the challenges of change and successfully lead your company through transformation processes. Learn how to leverage neuroscience insights to overcome resistance, motivate employees, and create a positive change dynamic. We accompany you on the journey towards an agile and adaptable company.

Immediate solutions for your needs

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Is your organization facing acute challenges? Like an effective headache pill, we offer immediate support to address these issues directly and provide rapid relief.

Development of a customized master plan

With a tailored development plan, we address not just the symptoms but the root causes. This ensures that the 'pain' does not return, and your company remains efficient and stable in the long term.
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Guidance on the path of change

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Like an experienced navigator, we stand by your side at every step. We assist you in implementing recommended strategies and integrating changes into everyday business operations.

Continuous optimization and growth

Our collaboration doesn't end with the implementation of solutions. We provide continuous support to ensure that new bottlenecks are identified and addressed early, enabling your company to grow and evolve continuously.
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Long-term partnership

We believe in the power of a lasting partnership. Our goal is not only to be there during acute phases but also to work preventively to tackle future challenges together. We are here for you!
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